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Welcome to zoomedy!

Zoomedy hosts comedy videos, performances, monologues, music and more.

Join the Zoomedy Community in the Greenroom to get started!

If you have a project, a series, an idea that you’ve been looking for a place for besides the random universe of YouTube or Vimeo where you can count on a focus on your project, then join us on Zoomedy. 


ZoomedyTV is a creative hub for artists to share their work and view the projects of others.  We aim to create an interconnected community of creatives. is hosting and promoting all forms of comedy, improv, commentary, music and video with no agenda except free expression. 


ZoomedyTV is available to all comics.  


We’ll also present a virtual comedy club where you can watch live stand up performances and comment on them as a real time audience. 

Click on the ZoomedyTV link to go to the ZoomedyTV page. 


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